A.D.: The Bible Continues–The Book of Acts

ad bible 2

“AD: The Bible Continues” is supposed to represent the Book of Acts. It tells the audience about the life and times of the disciples after the crucifixion. The creators of this series explain many of the events in Acts differently than the Bible; even the historical accounts are erroneous. However, it does show the audience what the environment might have looked like during that era.

Throughout this series, the Christians always appear to have peace, love, and joy. There is forgiveness and acceptance the entire time among the believers. I am told  that the inaccuracies are not what is important, but rather the message the series portrays. The messages of love and forgiveness are the backbone of a Christian’s walk. This series clearly portrays that message. Finally, read the the Book of Acts in the Bible to find out what really happened to the disciples. Over all its a good book and those wanting to read more about the Bible and the books in it are sure to be riveted by the accounts that happened in these times of our history. But as with all secular books if in doubt cross check it with the Word Of God. Happy reading and God Bless to you all.

I received this book from the publisher for an honest review.


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