Blind Descent by Brian Dickinson

I love true stories of faith and survival, and I have read a few in my time but this one was absolutely fantastic and stands above the rest. I was glued to this story as soon as I started this book. The compelling story of a fight for survival and trusting in God for the rest. Follow Brian’s Journey of a life long dream of summiting Everest 29035 feet the tallest mountain in the world. Follow every gripping moment of the trip and his faith in God that constantly guides him in all his decisions, and ultimately saves his life. Brain is a faithful husband and father and knows what is at stake as he makes each decision on this climb. To even summit Everest with a team is a daunting task but to take it on alone in the last steps of his climb and make it the to the top, and then snow blind at 29035 feet, no one their to guide your way to safety… But their was someone their with Brain, God was right their with him the entire time guiding him to safety. I definitely recommend this book its a great read. Put some time aside once you start you will not want to put this one down. Happy reading and God Bless.


Blind Descent



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