The Prayer Box by Lisa Wingate

Hello fellow readers, I am sorry I been away for a while some health issues have kept me away but I am back and reading to update you on the latest of the Christian books I am reading.

I am Reviewing The Prayer Box. I really enjoyed this book I think I and so many others can relate to this struggling mother trying to repair her family and start a new. It is inspiring and full of hope and faith in God to say the least. As Tandi Jo Reese and her two children are really running from a controlling and abusive ex-husband. To hide from the past that hunts her so much, she finds some relief on Hatteras Island. She slowly tries to form a normal life again with her children as she has missed so much of their lives and her daughter is reluctant to give into the change. They move into a small cottage, and Tandi Jo steps into an unsuspecting old Victorian home where if the walls could talk I am sure they would. On the same grounds as the quaint cottage where an old ( lady Iola Ann Poole) once lived to discover a life dedicated to God and the help, love,hope, and faith she had and given to so many people and no one ever knew who Iola really was her prayer boxes open a great and riveting story that will be sure to intrigue you, . I can’t give the story away but I couldn’t put it down as God shows us so many times we can live again and put our faith in God always.







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