A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet BY: Sophie Hudson

I just finished the most heartwarming and equally funny Read of the summer tonight, A Little Salty To Cut The Sweet. This book is surely A Little Laughter To Cut The Serious. I love the Faith that surrounds the reader throughout this book, as you read you really come to Jesus so to speak and see what family truly means and really how much in this world of today we have severely veered off this path of “family time“. We also see how strong faith in God can carry us through anything in our lives we may encounter on life’s journeys, some sweet some not so much. I really found myself laughing out loud at allot of the chapters in this book, and then some of them really hit home for me and took me back a bit. I truly see  how time has truly run away with life’s busy schedule. I can relate allot to this family in this book, I too have been called upon many times as the support person from light bulbs to VCR timers I sympathize with you David and the Kindle fiasco was just as if my own mother was in this story. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to laugh, cry, and REMEMBER That Jesus Christ is in the driver seat of our lives, trust the road he guides you too. Also be sure to check out my review of this title at Amazon-dot-C-zero-M. As always happy reading and God Bless.


cut the sweet


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