Battlefield of the Mind, Winning the Battle in Your Mind By: Joyce Meyer

I read battle field of the mind because I seem to relate to Joyce Meyer, when I read her work or watch her speak.  Might you have worry, doubt, confusion, depression, anger or condemnation in your life?, do any of these have you gripped in their ugly snare?. Joyce has us take an inventory of our feelings as she teaches us how to live with out these mind sets that seem to cripple our walk with God and hinder our lives with our families and loved ones. Joyce shares her own stories of struggle and triumph in her own family, marriage, and ministry. Joyce always brings a very powerful message in her books and this one is no exception.

Here are some points from Joyce that you will learn in this book:

  • Gain control over your mind and find freedom and peace.
  • recognize damaging thoughts and stop them from influencing your life.
  • Be patient with yourself even when you make mistakes.
  • Arm yourself with the Word of God, praise, prayer and other powerful spiritual weapons.
  • Overcome your mental “Wilderness” the bad attitudes and excuses people use that keep them from God and find undreamed of happiness and fulfillment.






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