The Christmas List by: Richard Paul Evans

Hello everyone, The Christmas List is a very intriguing Christmas story of what a sudden reflection of life’s past or maybe even a glimpse of the future can do to change a man. James Kier is a greedy cold hearted man to all who know him including his family, but a transformation takes place to a man with a cold heart who receives a conviction from God at least that’s what it seemed to me. As the story starts out James Keir awakens and reads the morning paper to discover his own obituary, from here it is sure a thrill ride as he discovers what kind of man he has become and what God might be doing to his heart to become the man he should have always been. This is a really entertaining Christmas story of hope, deliverance, and a family reunited. I believe this story shows evidence that Christmas miracles are always possible even to a man that never thought he could change. Happy reading Merry Christmas and God Bless.

Christmas list


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