Every Man’s Battle: Winning the War on Sexual Temptation One Victory at a Time By: Stephen Arterburn, Fred Stoeker, Mike Yorkey

Every Man’s Battle is a great book for all men needing help winning the war on Sexual Temptation. The authors of this book offer great insight to men.  How to over come the war that seems very wide spread in today’s world where sexual content seems to flood from Television, Internet, to the local News stand, sexual content is everywhere. How does a man live to God’s standards in times like these? by trust and faith in Jesus Christ. This book offers stories into these men’s own struggles with different forms of sexual temptations and how they over came them, with allot of help from the Lord and some rethinking of their choices they where able to beat sexual temptations, rebuild marriages, and teach their own children to live by God’s standard of sexual purity. As you read this book you will discover why men think the way they do, what wires them sexually and how to regain control of those things that seem so far out of reach and balance. This book is superbly written and easy to understand, I have been helped greatly by reading this book and personally use some of the techniques in this book that have helped build my walk with the Lord and regain my sexual purity and live by God’s standards. I have also done a small church men’s group book study with this book and it was a great success, God has shown me once again that everything is truly possible with the Lord.

everymans battle


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